Art of Making Bead Jewelry

The art of beading or otherwise better described as bead jewelry making is something that can be done by pretty much anyone, even if they have not experience at all working with beads. What this basically means is one does not have to be so skilled in crafts or the art of beading in order to make jewelry pieces such as a necklace or a pair of earrings. By even considering this, one would have a huge advantage in the fact that any piece you would create would be 100% unique and original. By being able to easily access all the supplies you need online plus being inspired by your own imagination will result in this being true. Even if you are not so keen on beginning this journey into jewelry making, the mere point that you can purchase these beads online at wholesale prices should at least peak your interest since the amount of choices may compel you to choose something to your liking.

Once you get your hands on some beautiful beads, the desire to get involved into jewelry making will most likely overwhelm you. If you are novice, start by purchasing a guide or researching online for some designs to emulate as it will make the process much easier. Be sure to use the right materials like beading thread since a common mistake is to use sewing thread which is not suited for this purpose and will break. C-Lon and Nymo type beading thread is what many of the bead makers favor so something to look into. This type of thread is very strong, even in humid climates plus mate it with great beading needles which are all essential to contributing to your future masterpiece.

As already mentioned, if this is your first step into jewelry making with beads, be sure to take it step by step. If you take your time and enjoy the process, you might pleasantly discover your truly to be an artist. Each piece will build upon the next and it should inspired you to create even more. If by some rare chance that despite all your efforts, this might not be for you, be comforted in knowing that searching online at a good bead store will reveal pre-strung wholesale beads in hundreds of varieties that will catch your attention. The choices may leave you even more confused than when you arrived but use these types of options and combine them to make your a piece all your own.

While a great design will distinguish a piece versus the rest, it is the type of bead that is used that will many times have a bigger impact. Material, color and texture of the beads is something to consider in your choices. By perusing through the above mentioned website with it’s large collection of beads, one will be amazed in the amount of choices from glass, plastic, wood, gemstones, crystal beads and even sterling silver or gold beads. By even just witnessing their multi-color brilliance, one is sure to get a dash of inspiration in order to create that special decorative product.

As someone can see, one cannot make a wonderful bead jewelry piece without any beads as well as the proper materials to complete the task. By ensuring you have a consistent and reliable supply of quality wholesale beads, one can be confident in knowing that wherever their creativity may take them, it won’t be limited at all.

What Is Latte Art

What exactly is latte art, which goes by names such as coffee designs, coffee art and barista art. However, what it really is, is steamed milk that is passed right through espresso, which is then used to make patterns. That is the short answer, but the long answer may be something you want to learn more about, and you can by reading the rest of this article.

1. How is it made- Latte art started to become popular back in the 80s. However, only baristas who held a certain rank could make coffee art. The whole things started with an espresso shot, as well as steamed milk.

As time went on, coffee technology improved and baristas started to learn how to use steamed milk with traditional Italian espressos. This basically allowed baristas to create a sweet tasting drink. It also led to the production of microfoamed milk,.

Baristas eventually figured out that patterns could be made. They actually found out by accident, thanks to the new technique. As time went on, techniques became better and more improved and now many people judge baristas on their ability to make latte art, which there are two main forms of it, with one being free pour art and the other being etching.

2. Free pour- This type of coffee art is quite technical. People will need to pour milk from a jug and right into a cup of coffee. The person will need to do some wrist and hand movements in order to shape how the milk goes into the coffee.

This type of art will require a person to have good hand dexterity, and they need to have patience, as they will need to perfect the art form. In matter of fact, a person will likely have to make hundreds of cups of coffees before they master free pour. Even though it takes patience and time to learn this, it is worth it because coffee will taste that much better. Heart and Rosetta are the two most basic forms of free pour art, and the most advance ones are the Swan, as well as the Wave Tulip.

3. Etching- This type of art form doesn’t require a lot of technical skills, which are needed for free pour art. However, a barista will need artistic talent, as it is required in order to draw on coffee with objects such as a toothpick. A barista will use such an object to draw images in the coffee. These images can be anything, including anime characters, faces, portraits, animals, and pretty much anything else you can think of, and this is why baristas need to have great art skills.